Away at AFC Bournemouth?

Although the signs from last season are promising, with AFC Bournemouth being able to boast a mid-table respectibility, if fans of visiting teams, who may be a more permanant fixture in the Premier League, are thinking of making the most of their trip to Bournemouth this season, then they might like to know what the weather is doing when they make their plans, because Bournemouth’s best feature is it seaside facilities: with miles of beautiful beaches stretching along the coast from Fisherman’s Walk in the east to Studland, with it world famous nudist beach where no-one can tell what team you support, in the West!

Looking at the fixture list, I think it is fair to say I would rather be a Man U supporter than a Watford supporter if I’m thinking of getting my cherries out on a Bournemouth beach!

Visiting Weekend Teams at AFC Bournemouth in 2016/2017

So whilst Everton fans might be able to enjoy an Indian summer at the seaside, Sunderland fans will be pleased of the inside attractions and will be hoping there is a bargain to had amongst the shops of Westbourne and Bournemouth Town centre shopping districts, or that there is something good on at the Pavilion Theatre

If you are thinking of bringing the family down, then it might be that Leicester and Arsenal fans get the best deal with the chance to see the excellent family panto Cinderella… you know you want to… OH YES YOU DO!!


But when it comes to a seaside holiday you may think that, given the fixture’s list as it is this season, you may be better off enjoying a beach holiday in Swansea.

But wherever you chose to enjoy a weekend break by the sea this season, just don’t get sand in your rattle!

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