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Come to the Match, Stay for a Show

If you are heading to London for a match, there are a great number of things to do in the evening. Most popular is go and see a show in London’s West End!

So here are a few ideas for what shows you can see this season.

With Your Mates

Jersey Boys – four friends from the wrong side of the tracks make it big and become one of the greatest groups in pop history: Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

Sunny Afternoon – here in London, another groups of lads wanted to make it big with their music – they become The Kinks and Sunny Afternoon is their story.

The Book Of Mormon – the team that created South Park has given us this outrageous show about two hapless Mormon lads who try to bring “the book” to a war-torn African community. It really shouldn’t be funny but it is!

With Your Partner

Wicked – this hugely succesful Broadway musical about how the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz became “wicked” and what really happened in Oz.

Thriller – Enjoy a moonwalking, hip-thrusting, night with the late, great Michael Jackson.

Motown – If you are into your soul music then there is nothing better than Motown – a celebration of the record label featuring over 50 songs.

With Your Family

The Lion King – Disney’s story about the young cub, Simba, who struggles to defeat the evil Scar! Hakuna Matata

Charlie and the Choclate Factory – Roald Dahl’s famous story about young Charlie, who gets the last golden ticket to get the tour of a life-time around Willy Wonka’s amazing factory.

Matilda – Aussie comic, Tim Minchin brings us another Roald Dahl story. This one is about Matilda who discovers that she has special powers which she uses to free the pupils of Crunchem Hall Primary School from Miss Agatha Trunchbull’s terrible reign!

Who ever you support, when you come to London for the match, stay for the weekend!

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Premier League Descend on Watford’s Wizard

book nowVisiting football fans to newly promoted Premier League club, Watford FC are keen to make the most of their visit by making a weekend of it with Good To See’s hotel and ticket packages for The Making of Harry Potter™ tour at nearby Warner Brother’s Studios™ – part of Good To See’s “Come to the Match, stay for the Weekend” promotion.

quidditch and football in Watford

For fans of most Premier league clubs, it will be the first time that they have visited the town since the attraction, where you can step on to authentic sets, discover the magic behind spellbinding special effects and explore the behind-the-scenes secrets of the Harry Potter film series at the studios where it all began, opened in 2012.

Whilst Watford is probably not the first place you might think of when listing the UK’s top tourism hotspots, fans of West Bromwich Albion were the first to make the most of their visit to the town by taking in the famous studios nearby last weekend, with Southampton and Swansea fans coming hot on their heals.

Good To See owner, Simon Harding, does advise booking early: “Weekends can get very busy at Warner Brother’s Studios, so, to get the entry times that you want, it is best to plan ahead.

The full set of future weekend travelers coming to Watford is

Man U18/09/16
Crystal Palace26/12/16

Hornet supporters are cock-a-hoop about the coming season: “It’s amazing that the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City & United will be running out on the turf of Vicarage Road this season” says life time Watford fan Sara Benn “but hopefully their midfield wizards will be made to look like muggles!Scorio!

Good To See’s short breaks can be built around match day with a variety of Harry Potter tour entry times available over each weekend and accommodation at a range of local hotels which are handy for both the match and the studios.

Hotel and entry packages start at just £65.50pp with breaks for the whole family (2 adults and 2 children) starting at just £169. Visiting fans can also arrange optional rail travel at discounted rates.

Find out more about Good To See’s Come to the Match, Stay for the Weekend at

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Away at AFC Bournemouth?

Although the signs from last season are promising, with AFC Bournemouth being able to boast a mid-table respectibility, if fans of visiting teams, who may be a more permanant fixture in the Premier League, are thinking of making the most of their trip to Bournemouth this season, then they might like to know what the weather is doing when they make their plans, because Bournemouth’s best feature is it seaside facilities: with miles of beautiful beaches stretching along the coast from Fisherman’s Walk in the east to Studland, with it world famous nudist beach where no-one can tell what team you support, in the West!

Looking at the fixture list, I think it is fair to say I would rather be a Man U supporter than a Watford supporter if I’m thinking of getting my cherries out on a Bournemouth beach!

Visiting Weekend Teams at AFC Bournemouth in 2016/2017

So whilst Everton fans might be able to enjoy an Indian summer at the seaside, Sunderland fans will be pleased of the inside attractions and will be hoping there is a bargain to had amongst the shops of Westbourne and Bournemouth Town centre shopping districts, or that there is something good on at the Pavilion Theatre

If you are thinking of bringing the family down, then it might be that Leicester and Arsenal fans get the best deal with the chance to see the excellent family panto Cinderella… you know you want to… OH YES YOU DO!!


But when it comes to a seaside holiday you may think that, given the fixture’s list as it is this season, you may be better off enjoying a beach holiday in Swansea.

But wherever you chose to enjoy a weekend break by the sea this season, just don’t get sand in your rattle!

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The ‘Cup’ of Corruption: FIFA Scandal and Arrests In Switzerland

Planning to go to a World Cup any time soon? Does Russia or Qatar sound like a destination of choice for you and your football-mad mates? Well don’t book quite yet!

In probably one of the most virulent and turbulent scandals to ever rock the world’s top footballing body, seven FIFA top brass were indicted by the U.S. on mega-graft charges on Switzerland soil. The septet face extradition from Switzerland to answer charges in the U.S. The Federal Office of Justice in Switzerland has said that six of the seven are planning to contest the extradition but the other person has agreed to be extradited.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director, Mr. James Comey, the defendants espoused a culture of grave corruption and greed that created an uneven playing field for soccer by being involved in illegal and undisclosed transactions, kickbacks and bribes. The expose reveals complex money laundering schemes, tens of millions of dollars held in offshore accounts and millions of dollars in untaxed incomes. The sweeping indictment nets nine other officials, and also five sports media and promotions executives. The extensive bribery involves more than $150 million over a period of approximately twenty four years.

The Justice Department revealed that former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner who hails from Trinidad, solicited and received $10 million in bribes from the South African government to host the 2010 World Cup. By his direction, a slew of co-conspirators arranged the payment to be sent from a FIFA account in Switzerland to a Bank of America account in New York that Mr. Warner controlled. The South African Football Association has since refuted and rubbished the bribe allegations terming them ‘baseless and untested’.

Warner who is currently an executive committee member of CONCACAF has vouched for his own innocence. He surrendered to the police in Port of Spain and made a first court appearance to answer on 12 charges of corruption then released on $400,000 bail.
There is a possibility for more arrests to be made with speculation that the probe could be targeting FIFA President Sepp Blatter, the most prominent figure in soccer. There would be elections soon and Blatter who has clocked 79 is standing for re-election. FIFA said the elections would go ahead as planned amid calls by UEFA to have the elections postponed in light of the developments.

To what may even uncover more skeletons from FIFA’s ‘closet’, the Swiss prosecution team announced that they had opened their own criminal proceedings on suspicion of mismanagement and money laundering activities involving the award of of rights to host the 2018 World Cup in Moscow and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This thrusts the soccer body deeper in the quagmire as the public confidence in it continues to dwindle.

For long FIFA has been hounded by allegations of corruption and multiple inefficiencies. The body has always been able to circumvent major criminal cases, always emerging unscathed. But the dawn raid in a five-star hotel where the seven were lodging marks an unprecedented blow on the world’s topmost soccer body. It is hoped that the operation would result in a purge up that will restore the association to its former glory. It is not known yet what will be of the award of the right to host World Cup in Russia and Qatar in 2018 and 2022 respectively if the investigations just launched find out the rights were awarded corruptly.

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Bournemouth – Something for Everyone

Matchday hotels around Bournemouth

Visiting AFC Bournemouth? – check out our nearby hotels.

Bournemouth, home of AFC Bournemouth, has been a popular holiday destination since the nineteenth century. Generations of families have enjoyed its sandy beaches and temperate climate. Unlike many south coast resorts, Bournemouth doesn’t just attract older people. Arts, beaches, culture, dining and sports are all readily available and make Bournemouth an attractive holiday destination for all.

Family fun at the beach

Bournemouth is family focused and makes it possible for the extended family to find their ideal holiday, all in one place. There are clean, safe beaches for the children, with plenty of facilities including:

  • First Aid
  • Kid Zones
  • Kiosks for Ice cream and fast food
  • Activities specifically for children on designated beaches and the lower gardens

Parents can rest easy knowing their children are playing on clean beaches. In 2014 four family beaches were awarded blue flag status and two additional beaches were awarded the seaside award.

Activities for young adults

Young adults will find plenty to do in Bournemouth; there are a wide range of water sports available on the beaches and a bespoke Coastal Activity Park either side of Boscome pier. This offers activities for all ages. These activities are particularly appealing for young adults and include beach tennis, football, bouldering, sea kayaking, surfing, body boarding and general fitness.

Something for couples and the elderly

Couples can enjoy a day at the beach, or a relaxing walk through Bournemouth’s lower, central and upper gardens. If you like music visit the lower gardens on a summer’s afternoon, live music from a Victorian bandstand is atmospheric, especially if accompanied by a picnic. A ride on the balloon moored in the lower gardens will please the thrill seekers; the 360 degree views are breathtaking. October’s Arts by the Sea festival is not to be missed by those who love and support fringe art and theatre.

For older visitors the beaches and promenades are flat and many offer disabled access and facilities. The lower and central parks offer ambient surroundings and easy to walk paths.

Dining in Bournemouth

Eating out in Bournemouth is a pleasurable experience. There are tearooms like The Living Room and cafes like Cafe Riva, as well as fish and chip shops, bars on the beachfront and patisseries in the town centre. There is everything from fine dining to budget cafes and restaurant. Many cafes and restaurant offer the choice to dine al fresco and allow patrons to take advantage of the sea air.

Visit the Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth

For musical, comedies and dancing visit The Pavilion in Bournemouth.

Image source:

Art and culture

If Art and culture is your passion, there is also a delightful art exhibition in the lower gardens, which runs all summer. The Pavilion theatre and ball room offers musicals, comedians and dancing. A visit to the Russell-Cotes museum is a must. The house itself is reminiscent of a fairytale castle with its turrets, set in beautifully landscaped gardens. The setting of the house is spectacular. Its cliff side location overlooks the sea. There are three areas of interest, the art gallery, the museum and the gardens.

The art gallery contains nineteenth century art and work by many British artists. The museum retains the floor plan of the original house and exhibits have themed rooms. There are exhibits from Japan, Russia, Spain and Scandinavia.

The gardens reclaimed from the sand dunes, still retain original features. The Japanese Garden is worth a visit. After your exploring, there is cafe to reflect on what you have seen.

Shop ‘til you drop

Bournemouth is a shopper’s delight. Boutique shops in Westbourne, open air markets in Bournemouth town and Boscome cater for the most eclectic tastes. For lovers of vintage, there are plenty of shops to visit and for those who prefer high street shops, Bournemouth town centre and Southbourne shopping centre, which is close to a lovely beach, will meet all your expectations. When your day is finished we’d recommend a stay at the ultra-comfortable Hermitage Hotel Bournemouth, where you can rest your weary legs with a great meal and 4* luxury.

So combine a beautiful beach with a cultural experience, add in great food and shopping and you have the recipe for the perfect holiday for all the family in Bournemouth.

Image credits: Lets Go Out Bournemouth and Poole

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How to Choose A Hotel in London

Recently I was asked to write an article about hotels in London for a hotel company specialising in London hotels. Easy I thought! I mean, that’s one of the things I know most about!

And of course it is easy, but what bits of my knowledge would be most useful to someone looking to book a hotel in London? THAT I did not know.

So then I got to thinking, what would be the best things to know, whatever your requirements and then it hit me!

You already know the best hotels for you, it is just that you don’t know it yet!

What Do You look For in a Hotel?

The problem of choosing a hotel in London isn’t that you don’t know what you want; it is just that you don’t know their names! And that is why a good hotel site will have a selection of filters (look at for a good example) so that you can choose the sort of hotel you need irrespective of what it is called!

London Marriott Hotel County Hall

London Marriott Hotel County Hall next to the London Eye – a well thought out hotel with a care for a guest’s experience far beyond just putting a roof over their head – you know that because it has a pool and good accessibility!

Some filters are self explanatory, but others actually convey more information than you might think… some not so.

For example: filtering on stars will tell you absolutely nothing if you don’t know the criteria or who is setting them, but filtering on whether pets are allowed or where there is free parking will tell you just what you need to know.

And then some filters will tell you a lot more than they first might seem:

Hotels with Business Centres

A hotel with a business centre, will tell you the hotel attracts business guests. It will also tell you that if you are looking for a cosy romantic retreat then being surrounded by suits may not add to the ambience.

It might also tell you that the hotel will be quieter at weekends and therefore may offer some good deals to fill rooms when business folk are not around!!

Hotels with Airport Shuttle Buses

A hotel with an Airport Shuttle may tell you that there is a lot of early morning activity: not good if you are trying to have a lay-in or a peaceful breakfast.

Hotels with Accessible Rooms and Swimming Pools

Another good filter to try is the one for Accessible Rooms. Here you will tend to find larger, modern hotels, with well thought out public areas.

My favourite box to tick is the Swimming Pool one. Let’s face it, however good our intensions are, we are unlikely to actually go for a swim! We are in the greatest city on earth and you want to waste an hour swimming? But again an hotel with a swimming pool will have generous public areas. It is not at these hotels that as many guests as possible are crowded under one roof. We are left to roam, relax and enjoy ourselves and isn’t that what we came to London to do?

Central Hotels

One final consideration is where a hotel is. If you are coming to London on a short break you don’t want to spend the whole weekend transferring between hotel and attraction and theatre and restaurant and museum etc.

So work out what you are going to do and see and then consider how close you want to be. Also from where you will be arriving and departing, especially departing: you don’t want to be slogging across town with briefcases full after a fun but tiring short break in London.

For London, as a general rule, I try to stick within Zone one, but if you are going to Excel or to The Greenwich Maritime Museum or Kew Gardens then maybe that is not so important.

Consider these things before you start booking and it will not matter what star rating the hotel is, because, for you, it will be five stars all the way!

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Come to The Match, Stay for the Weekend

Good To See’s Come to The Match, Stay for the Weekend promotion is designed to promote tourism to visiting football fans of Premier League clubs as they travel around the country supporting their teams.

come to the match, stay for the weekendWhether they decide to extend their stay on their own, with mates or bring the family along, football fans are being asked to make the most of their visits.

Here is a selection of current Premier League Clubs and the short break highlights that can turn match day into a full weekend. For some it is a specific attraction, for other’s, like Newcastle’s legendary nightlife, or the beaches around Swansea or Bournemouth, it is all about just enjoying the place rather than dashing home, so that all you need, to turn an away match into a weekend away, is a hotel for the night.

Select Your “Destination” Team >>

Come To The Match and Stay For the Weekend!

Stadium Tour Short Breaks

Of course, if you can’t get enough football, why don’t you hang around for a tour of the stadium – especially if you are a visiting, home supporter… if you know what I mean!? Good To See offer short breaks including tours of Arsenal’s Emirate Stadium, City’s Etihad Stadium, United’s Old Trafford and Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge.

Get Involved

If you want your club or attraction to get involved, please contact us

Part of Come to The Match, Stay for the Weekend

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