29 July 2016 Sports Fan 0Comment

If you are heading to London for a match, there are a great number of things to do in the evening. Most popular is go and see a show in London’s West End!

So here are a few ideas for what shows you can see this season.

With Your Mates

The Book Of Mormon – the team that created South Park has given us this outrageous show about two hapless Mormon lads who try to bring “the book” to a war-torn African community. It really shouldn’t be funny but it is!

With Your Partner

Wicked – this hugely succesful Broadway musical about how the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz became “wicked” and what really happened in Oz.

Thriller – Enjoy a moonwalking, hip-thrusting, night with the late, great Michael Jackson.

With Your Family

The Lion King – Disney’s story about the young cub, Simba, who struggles to defeat the evil Scar! Hakuna Matata

Matilda – Aussie comic, Tim Minchin brings us another Roald Dahl story. This one is about Matilda who discovers that she has special powers which she uses to free the pupils of Crunchem Hall Primary School from Miss Agatha Trunchbull’s terrible reign!

Who ever you support, when you come to London for the match, stay for the weekend!

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