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Good To See’s Come to The Match, Stay for the Weekend promotion is designed to promote tourism to visiting football fans of Premier League clubs as they travel around the country supporting their teams.

come to the match, stay for the weekendWhether they decide to extend their stay on their own, with mates or bring the family along, football fans are being asked to make the most of their visits.

Here is a selection of current Premier League Clubs and the short break highlights that can turn match day into a full weekend. For some it is a specific attraction, for other’s, like Newcastle’s legendary nightlife, or the beaches around Swansea or Bournemouth, it is all about just enjoying the place rather than dashing home, so that all you need, to turn an away match into a weekend away, is a hotel for the night.

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Come To The Match and Stay For the Weekend!

Stadium Tour Short Breaks

Of course, if you can’t get enough football, why don’t you hang around for a tour of the stadium – especially if you are a visiting, home supporter… if you know what I mean!? Good To See offer short breaks including tours of Arsenal’s Emirate Stadium, City’s Etihad Stadium, United’s Old Trafford and Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge.

Get Involved

If you want your club or attraction to get involved, please contact us

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